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Complete Arm Care Package Complete Elbow Care Package

The one kit for total arm care!

Here are all the tools you need to strengthen, stretch, and soothe your arms -- either while rehabilitating or to avoid injuries. Choose the COUNT'R FORCE elbow brace and size you prefer.

The complete package includes:

  • an elbow brace (choose size and color);
  • an exercise ball to strengthen your grip and forearm;
  • a resistance band used in all the forearm exercises Dr. Nirschl recommends;
  • an adjustable ice strap for cold therapy;
  • the manual, Arm Care, that revolutionized arm-related sports medicine;

Step-by-step explanations on how to use the equipment to prevent or treat tennis elbow or related injuries are provided in the manual.


The Complete Elbow Care Package - Lateral
Qty Part No. Size Color Price
602-L $42.95


The Complete Elbow Care Package - Medial
Qty Part No. Size Color Price
602-M $48.95


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