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 elbow immobilizer Count'R Force Elbow Immobilizer 90

Fully adjustable and reusable protection that safely immobilizes the elbow.

The Count'R Force Elbow Immobilizer 90 is carefully designed and crafted to protect the forearm, elbow, and upper arm after injury or surgery.

Soft-lined beige canvas material with removable metal stays, position elbow at a comfortable 90 angle. Multiple Velcro straps allow the wearer to remove the Immobilizer easily for bathing the injured arm. Reusable and adjustable, this splint is recommended when firm, light immobilization is required. Avoid heavy and cumbersome casts and splints!


Count'R Force Elbow Immobilizer 90
Qty Part No. Size Price
105 One size fits all $48.95


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