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Compression Holder Ice Strap TM Compression Holder

Maximum comfort and mobility when applying cold/hot therapy to injuries.

To reduce pain and inflammation, icing is a must. The Ice Strap is constructed of soft, comfortable fabric that is durable and lightweight. Its two adjustable, elastic straps attach to the fabric and keep the Ice Strap in place, while allowing for full mobility. A reusable gel pack is included and can be removed from the Strap for chilling or heating.

Convenient, inexpensive, and easy to apply!

Chill the gel pack for cold therapy and microwave it for hot therapy.

The soft material offers maximum comfort against the skin; even the gel remains soft when frozen!

Ideal for treating inflammation, swelling, overuse injuries, tendinitis, sprains, strains, fractures, and post-surgical and exercise pain. Great to have on hand for emergency use!

  • Two Sizes Available:
  • Regular (measuring 11" x 6") for the wrist, elbow, knee, ankle, and foot
  • Large (measuring 14" x 10") for the leg, back, and shoulder
Ice Strap Compression Holder
Qty Part No. Size Price
303 Regular $26.95
304 Large $47.95

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