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Patellar Brace Count'R Force Patellar Knee Brace

Provides warmth and compression to alleviate patellar knee pain.

NEW and IMPROVED! Slimmer, anatomical design with new patella pad that positions perfectly underneath the knee cap to keep pressure on the tendon and bone insertions, while allowing normal knee function.

Constructed of high quality 1/8" black neoprene for compression and warmth. Attaches at the side of the knee for maximum comfort. No buckles or fasteners to cause irritation or pinching. IDEAL for running, jumping, walking, hiking and skiing.

Attach additional elastic strap to brace for extra support under the patella (knee cap). So effective, it can be used daily -- especially during competitive sporting activities.

  • Sizing Instructions: Measure around the center of the knee cap with leg fully extended.
Count'R Force Patella Knee Brace
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203 $24.95

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