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Count'R Force Medial Elbow Brace

The original patented brace exclusively designed to alleviate medial elbow pain.

The Count'R Force Medial Elbow Brace offers equal compression around the entire forearm to ensure support and stress relief of forearm muscles. Highly effective for treating or preventing medial tennis/golf elbow.

The brace features a medial brace expansion with an attaching elastic tension strap that supports injured flexor areas.
No other elbow brace offers this critical feature.

Two Velcro straps deliver adjustable tension control, while the wide (2 3/4") curved design conforms to the forearm for a comfortable fit. The brace decreases pain to allow its wearer to continue participating in his/her sport of choice, and helps absorb and disperse abusive forces. No pads or bubbles to pinch or disrupt proper muscle balance.

  • Available in either white or black
  • Sizing Instructions: Measure forearm 1" below elbow


Count'R Force Medial Elbow Brace
Qty Part No. Size Color Price
101 $28.95


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