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ulnar wrist brace

Count'R Force Ulnar Wrist Brace
Equalized compression contoured to the ulnar (small finger) side of the wrist ensures proper muscle balance.
For the prevention and treatment of:
Wrist sprains and tendinitis
Wrist arthritis
Overuse syndrome, including triangular fibrocartilage injury
It is an excellent transition brace after wrist fracture
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radial-carpal wrist brace

Count'R Force Radial-Carpal Wrist Brace
A truly functional brace that gives support and freedom of hand use.
Used for:
Specialized functional treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome
Major wrist sprains or post-dislocation support
Tendinitis and arthritis
Computer mouse wrist
Overuse syndrome of wrist and forearm muscles
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wrist immobilizer

Count'R Force Wrist Immobilizer
Immobilizing wrist support with unrestricted finger movement.
Used for:
Carpal tunnel night bracing to help decrease hand numbness
Small wrist fractures and step-down from post-fracture casting
Cock-up wrist immobilization
Post surgical wrist immobilization
Severe wrist tendinitis or arthritis
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thumb brace

Count'R Force Thumb Brace
Supportive, protective joint positioning and motion control.
Used for:
Ligament sprain (MP joint), including gamekeepers thumb
Arthritic conditions of the thumb
Tendinitis affecting extensor thumb tendons (such as de Quervain's Syndrome and trigger thumb)
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